About Deer Creek Farms

During a late spring evening, I brought my children to our chicken coop to check up on our birds. After ensuring that all were healthy and normal, I spotted my daughter Lily (can use a different name too) grabbing at the hay we use as bedding. I asked her if something was wrong and she told me, “why do our chickens sleep on this? I wouldn’t want to sleep on this if I was them.” The comment was natural and fleeting but the research that began from that night was what sparked the creation of Deer Creek Farms. We make hemp bedding through a unique shredding and extraction process that can bring you higher quality bedding for a price you’re happy with. From day one our goal has been a better bedding experience for all our domesticated and wild animals.

Made Through Quality

Being from the northeast, our winters can be long and harsh and although our animals are safely in their barns and coops, it can still be a bit of a difficult time. Their bedding is what they lay on and walk on throughout most of their days and sparked by my daughters intuition, we wanted to create something to make their experience better. Also, because hemp has a naturally lower carbon footprint than wood chips or straw, we wanted to further reduce our emissions and go with a local source for our material. Our suppliers’ stalks are grown naturally and organically, a critical requirement we needed to achieve with our bedding. That’s why we’re here to bring you the best material we can for your animals.

Made With Analysis

Through months of research, it became quickly apparent that hemp was going to be our premiere option for animal bedding. Hemp alone is four times as absorbent as traditional straw and wood bedding which means less needs to be used to meet the same level of performance. The innate structure of hemps porous fibers make it the ideal solution for animal bedding. Less time wasted on cleaning stalls means more money stays in your pocket. Also due to hemp’s porous anatomy, it is significantly better at reducing odors. This can be especially helpful in horse stalls and chicken houses where decomposition is always occurring. The pulpy bast absorbs while the sponge-like outer herd allows the odor to permeate and release.

Made With Care

At Deer Creek Farms, we’re here to help our planet as much as we’re here to help our animals and customers. The benefits of hemp bedding can’t be understated here. Hemp is a high-yield crop that requires substantially less water than other fiber plants. Improved harvests combined with lower water needs helps with soil erosion, as well. Improved harvests also mean increased CO2 absorption from the crops which further aids in reducing our carbon footprint. We live in a world of limited resources and take pride in producing a product that gives back to our clients, our animals, and our world. Our hemp bedding is a better, safer alternative to conventional livestock bedding. We love our animals and our earth and want to treat them as such.